Thursday, April 14, 2011

Class Minutes for Wednesday April 13th

1. Prayer

2. Act 1 & 2 Notes
Students were asked to complete the quote identification, text-framing (fill in the blank), and motif sections of the notes to the best of their ability. We reviewed the answers as a class.

3. Literary Devices
Ms. Meakes reviewed the answers to the homework on paradox and dramatic irony.

4. Text -to - Text Comparison
Compare Macbeth to Lord of the Flies on the topics of Pathetic Fallacy, Hubris, and Microcosm using the text to text organizer. Ms Meakes gave out literary terms notes to help with this assignment. (She only has them in hard copy, so if you missed the class, pick up the notes from room 110) This should be finished for homework. 

5. Sociogram Sample
Ms Meakes started a sample sociogram about Lord of the Flies to help explain the sociogram assignment, which is due on Tuesday.  Please note that you should only include events/relationships up to the end of Act II.  There is a list of characters for you to include on the assignment sheet. Both the sample and the assignment sheet are on moodle.

Homework: Complete Text-to-Text comparison and study for the Act 1 and 2 quiz which is on Friday.

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