Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class Minutes for Thursday December 9th

1. Prayer

2. Key Quotes
We examined a quote said by Jack in Lord of the Flies: "We don't need the conch anymore."
Jack represents a totalitarian dictator who rejects the symbol of democracy and order, the conch. This is allegorically significant. 

3. Paragraph Revision
We revised our paragraphs of setting in Lord of the Flies, focusing on:
  • Thematic topic sentence - applies to humanity/the world in general
  • PEE supporting the argument - evidence links to theme/use direct quotes
  • Rhetorical devices/style
4. Prep for Allegory multi
We reviewed the structure of a multi-paragraph.
Theme: Without the restrictions of society, humanity's inherent evil prevails.
How does Golding use allegory to communicate this message?
3 types of allegories in Lord of the Flies:
  • Political: Jack = totalitarian, axis; Ralph = democracy, allies; the conch is a symbol of democracy
  • Psychological (Freud): Jack = Id; Piggy = super-ego; Ralph = ego
  • Religious: Garden of Eden and Humanity's fall
5. Homework: Read Chapter 7
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Class Minutes for Tuesday December 7th


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Class Minutes for Friday December 3rd 2010

English 11 Notes
Friday December 3rd, 2010


Word Game

Find symbolism, context, and significance within the following words:

1) Sandcastle
2) Painted Face

Chapter 4 text framing notes

We received a worksheet, Ch.4 text framing notes, and filled in the blanks for better understanding of chapter 4

Reviewed chapter 4

The Beginning of Disorder

We received a worksheet, the Beginning of Disorder.
  • choose three events from the worksheet and guess what each mean
  • review answers to check if you were correct

Chapter 5

Read chapter 5 for homework
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Class Minutes for Wednesday December 1st

1- Prayer: First week of advent
2- Quiz: Chapter 1-3, not for marks
3- Venn Diagrams: Ralph vs. Piggy/ Ralph vs. Jack. Write about their similarities and differences about their maturity, charisma, wisdom and appearance.
4- Group Character Work: We were given a character from the novel “Lord of The Flies” and had to include things about their appearance, behaviour, traits and relationships with other characters, what famous characters are they most like, what activities/hobbies they would enjoy and jobs that they could be good at.
5- Ch.4 Predictions: We had to predict events that would happen in the next chapter, some of the predictions were:
-     They won’t survive.
-     They will end up going against each other, in particular Ralph and Jack since they had disagreements with each other in chapter 3.
-     It will become a disaster since there is no shelter and the people are not really doing their jobs.

Thanks Rochelle