Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class Minutes for Thursday January 13th

1.) Prayer

2.) We wrote the Lord of the Flies "Quest" on chapter 9-12

3.) We were given three handouts. Transitions and Connective phrases, Traffic Light Self-Assesment, and Lord of the Flies-Intensely Important Quotes. 
We were to work on the Intensely Important Quotes in class after the quest.

Thanks Kathleen!

Note from Ms. Meakes: you weren't supposed to get the "Traffic Light Self-Assessment" or "Transitions and Connective Phrases" handouts until Monday. Please bring them to class so I can explain them.  Please bring "Intensely Important Quotes" as well so we can review the answers together. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Class Minutes for Tuesday January 11th

2.) Chapter 11 & 12 hot seat
-Ralph, Jack, Simon and Piggy came for a visit and we got the opportunity to ask them questions based on the novel’s plot.
-We all wrote down 2 questions for each character. Ms. Meakes then collected the questions.
-Characters were played and answered by:
Willy/Angelika as Piggy
Jal as Simon
Daniel/Maegan as Ralph

Leo/Harris as Jack

3.)Chapter 11 & 12 notes
Fill in the blank notes were filled in as a class.

4.) Key terms sheet
We received a paper with key terms and their definition.

Social Stratification
Deus ex machina
Totem/ totemism
*these terms may appear on exam*

5.) Midyear exam outline handed out.

Thanks Cassie

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Class Minutes for Friday January 7th

1) Prayer

2) Quiz on Lord of the Flies Chapters 1-8

3) Chapter 10 Word Scramble reading check worksheet.  Completed as a class on the smart board. 

4) The Beast:
Read a portion of Lord of the Flies from the smart board. (The first mention of the beast by the boy with the mulberry shaped birthmark)  Filled out beast question sheet as a class.

5) Simon as a symbol of Christ.  Worksheet filled out as a class

6) Homework: Read Chapters 11 and 12.

Thanks Shannon

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Class Minutes for Tuesday January 5th

2)Dates and Assignments
      Wed Jan 5- Ch. 9
      Fri Jan 7- Quiz: ch 1-8 HW: ch 11-12
      Tues Jan 11- Exam Outline
     Thurs Jan 13- Ch. 9-12 Quest
      Mon Jan 17- Themes/Motifs/Quotes
     Wed Jan 19- Symbol Game
                        Symbol Cards Due!


3)Chapter 9
     Story Time with Ms. Meakes
4)Chapter 9 Notes
    -Split notes up into sections : Nature, Democracy + Dictatorship, Fear and the Beast, and Simon
    - Gave us 5 mins to do one section of the review notes
    - Class discussed answeres.

HOMEWORK: study for CH.1-8 Quiz
                     Read CH. 10
BLOCK 1-5 needs to read chapter 9 and fill out the notes for chapter 9 in addition to the other homework due to the Basketball Tournament. 

*Absent people please see Ms. Meakes to pick up the assignment papers and any other missed work

Thanks Tanner

Class Minutes for Wednesday December 15th


Class Notes for Monday Dec 13th

1. Prayer

2. Allegory Multi
In class writing assignment on the allegory in Lord of the Flies.