Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Class Minutes for Tuesday April 19th

1. Prayer

2. Sociogram: extension to Thursday

3. Act III Framing Questions
  1. How has Macbeth's attitude towards murder changed (compare the murder of Duncan to the murder of Banquo).  For answers to this question, see the pdf posed on moodle.  Through Macbeth's progression towards evil from the murder of Duncan to the murder of Banquo, Shakespeare suggests that evil begets greater evil.
  2. Who is the third murderer?  For the answer to this question, read the essay on page 136 in your text.
4. Review of Act III scenes i- iii
We took notes on the plot and the key ideas/quotes from these scenes. The PDF has been posted on moodle.

5. Themes in Macbeth
Fill in the blank notes. We filled them out and then reviewed them as a class. See moodle for the document.

6. Act III scene iv
1-3: set up the scene
1-4: set up and listened to the scene

Homework: 1. Finish the sociogram (if you haven't).  2. Read III. iv-vi

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