Saturday, April 23, 2011

Class Minutes for Thursday April 21st

1. Prayer

2. Review III. iv-vi
Some key points:

  • Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship is changing dramatically. Their roles have reversed. Thus, when Lady M attempts to control Macbeth's raving during their feast and insults his manhood, he ignores her.  She ends up throwing a "fit" and ending the party. 
  • Scene iv contains many downfalls for Macbeth: he gets the news that Fleance has escaped; the ghost of Banquo usurps his throne; Macduff spurns his invitation to the dinner; he is perceived as crazy by his guests.
  • Scene v is short and not very interesting. Basically, we are reminded that the witches are evil (they obey Hecate) and we learn that they are going to cause Macbeth's ultimate failure by making him feel invincible.
  • Scene vi opens with Lennox giving a sarcastic speech about Macbeth's innocence. Lennox knows that Macbeth is guilty of the recent murders of Banquo and Duncan.  How can Lennox see through Macbeth so easily while Banquo was only slightly suspicious at the beginning of the act? What does that indicate about Banquo? 
  • In scene vi, we also learn that Macduff and Malcolm are in England, raising an army against Macbeth. 
3. Act III Review: Questions and Key Quotes
-Time given to work on these; answers will be posted on moodle. Some answers reviewed in class. 
-Preparation for the quiz. 
-Quiz: On Act III, 25 marks: 10 matching characters with actions, 10 t/f, 5 short answer

Homework: Read IV.i-iii; study for the Act III quiz.

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