Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Class Minutes for Tuesday November 2nd

1. Prayer

2. Literary Device Quiz 2.0
We reviewed answers to the previous literary device quiz. After we reviewed, we wrote a second literary device quiz on the same concepts.

3. Return Tattoo
After handing back our tattoos, Ms Meakes explained the marking scheme and asked us to return the tattoos so she could post them in the classroom.

4. Setting in "The Painted Door"
We did a free-write (continuously writing for 2min and 30 seconds) on the question " What is the significance of the author's choice of setting in "The Painted Door"? Consider both the location and the climate."

5. Taking Class Minutes
Ms Meakes explained that students will now be responsible for taking minutes during class. She suggested using the class plan on the whiteboard as sub-headings for the notes. Starting next class, one student will be assigned to take notes each day.

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