Friday, October 29, 2010

Class Minutes for Friday October 29th

1. Prayer

2. Literary Device Quiz
The students wrote the original literary device quiz for the final time. The score that they achieve on this quiz will be the one that is entered in their gradebook.

3. "The Painted Door": Film Study
We finished viewing "The Painted Door" and discussed the differences between the film and the text. In both the film and the text, the setting is very important. The students realized that the storm is a symbol for Anne's struggle. In addition, the storm/blizzard creates the situation in which Anne and Steven are temped and able to commit adultery. Finally, vast, empty prairie with the small isolated cabin is symbolic of Anne's loneliness and emotional isolation.

4. Writing Log: Symbolism in the Lottery
Ms Meakes returned the paragraph on Symbolism in "The Lottery". Students filled out their writing logs for this writing piece.

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