Thursday, October 7, 2010

Class Minutes for Thursday October 7th - "The Rocking Horse Winner" Class 2

1. Prayer

2. Literary Device Quiz - attempt #3

3. 1 Question, 1 Comment Discussion
In groups, the students shared their questions and comments about "The Rocking Horse Winner". They responded to the questions/comments and then did a self-evaluation of their speaking and listening skills. 

4. "The Rocking Horse Winner" and the Oedipus Complex

Ms Meakes gave a short explanation of the Oedipus myth and Freud's concept of the the Oedipus Complex. Students did a think-pair-share answering "does the Oedipus myth relate to "The Rocking Horse Winner"? How?"

5. Personal Composition
Students were given a package explaining personal writing and personal compositions. The first page and the "focus" section were explained.

No homework from today's class.

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