Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Class Minutes for Wednesday November 24th


2. Chapter 2: 3 Minutes 3 Columns 
-We were given sentences with bold words. We tried to predict what they mean, then we find the actual definition. Ms Meakes gave us two hints - a: think of other words that sound the same; b: try to think of other words that would make sense in the spot in the sentence. 

3. Review Two Text Framing Notes
-We filled in the blanks.

4. Leads
-We learned how to write strong introductions.
-We found examples from magazine articles to practice.

5.Personal Composition Independent Corrections
-We got back our personal composition and filled out our writing log. 

-Read Chapter 3 in Lord of the Flies.
-Finish the Island Sketch that was assigned on Monday.

Thanks Adelia

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