Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Class Minutes for Monday November 29th 2010

1. Prayer
2. Chapter 3: 3 Minutes 3 Columns

We predicted the meaning of three difficult words found in chapter three based on other words that make sense int he context and word families. We then looked up the actual definitions.

3. Setting in "The Painted Door" paragraphs

Ms Meakes discussed the importance of connecting of ideas in our body paragraphs to the theme and using relevant quotes. We got back our setting paragraphs and updated our writing logs.

4. Lord of the Flies Setting

Good and evil are both present
-Man brings evil
-Humans are inherently evil
-Lack of authority results in disorder
-Golding thinks that both good and evil are present in humans and the circumstances bring out one or the other
-Juxtaposition is putting two things side by side to highlight the contrast of them or in order to draw a comparison.

We wrote a paragraph answering the question: How does Golding use setting to communicate a larger idea?

Thanks Lorenzo

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