Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minutes for Wednesday September 8th

1. Prayer
2. Think-Pair-Share: Why is English important?
  • to get a job
  • to communicate with people around the world
  • for higher education
  • foundation of our society
  • many of the "superpowers" of history spoke English
3.  Q: What should you do if a stampede of bulls runs towards you?
      A: run along with them, even if you can't keep up

4. Watched video: Shift Happens 2010
gave many statistics about how quickly the world is changing. We were surprised by how quickly jobs are invented and how fast technology is advancing.

5. Literacy Stampede
The literacy stampede is upon us. "Literacy Stampede" means that things change so quickly that we need to keep up or we will be overrun.  We need to elevate our reading and writing to a competitive level so that we are able to be successful.  Most jobs now evaluate writing during the hiring process.

6. Course Outline given out and moodle access password is "flies"

7. Exit Slip: reactions to our literacy stampede discussion or goals for English 11

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