Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Class Minutes from Tuesday Sept 27 - Rhetorical Devices

1. Prayer

2. Revising "The Lottery" Paragraphs
25 minutes to finish revising "The Lottery" paragraph.  Make sure to indicate (using STAR) how the draft has changed.

3. Rhetorical Devices
Ms Meakes gave out a list with explanations of common rhetorical and persuasive devices. We should keep these as reference throughout the year.

4. Quiet Conversations
We had different questions and statements to respond to, which we passed around, in order to have quiet conversations on important ideas that will appear in our next short story "The Rocking Horse Winner".

5. Homework:  Study for Literary Device Quiz next class
For Tuesday: Read "The Rocking Horse Winner" and write one question and one comment about the story (please try for intelligent, insightful, and literary type questions/comments, not simple plot comprehension questions and comments)

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