Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Class Minutes for Wednesday September 22nd - Rubrics and :) Style Tricks

1. Prayer

2. Rubric
We discussed the grade 11/12 prose response rubric. Highlights of the discussion were the names for the categories (exemplary, accomplished, developing, beginning, and incomplete/incorrect); the "descriptors" included in each section of the rubric; and how the six writing traits fit into the rubric. 

3. Smiley Face Style Tricks
We spoke about three different ways to "add spice" to our writing.
A. Starting our sentences with a verb/adverb
B. The Power of Three
C. Repetition for Effect

4. Trouble Stories
Using the smiley face style tricks and a "power triplet" we wrote personal compositions about a time that we were in some sort of trouble.

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