Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Class Minutes for Tuesday May 31st

1. Prayer

2. Ms. Meakes spoke about missing assignments: it is much better (and easier) to boost your mark by turning in your missing work, than by doing really well on the exam.

3. Literary Device Quiz 2
(both classes scored an average of 58%)

4. Poplar Trees/Butterfly

Discussion of the questions on the poplar trees excerpt, explanation of the juxtaposition of the butterfly and the human skull.  Remarque's use of nature is symbolic and used to reveal theme. Nature reminds the reader of  the beauty of the world (outside of the war). It also reminds Paul of how distant all good things are from him.

5. The Lost Generation

Filled out chart and discussed first four rows as a class. To be continued.

6. Exam Outline
Handed out.

No homework. Study for your lit device quiz next class.

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