Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Quiet Class Minutes: "Us/Them" and "The French Girls"

Us/Them  (Wednesday, May 25th)

1. Prayer
2. Listened to the introduction of "Them" (link on moodle).  Ms. Meakes shared some of the "them"s from her high school experience. We answered a question (who are the "them"s we know), and then shared with the class.  We talked about why we have "them". Some answers included because we want to belong, because it makes our world easier to understand, because we don't like things that are different. Ms. Meakes asked how "them" applies to a war situation.  Answers included: so that the soldiers don't have to encounter the enemy as human, because we can't easily kill people that we can identify with, and to protect them from the horrific act of destroying another human life.

3. Discussion Prep
4. Discussion

5. Listened to "Don't they Know it's Christmas After All?" from the "Them" broadcast.  We had to think about the differences mentioned, but also how they indicated a larger similarity.

6. Thomas Hardy's "The Man He Killed". We read the poem and wrote compare/contrast thesis statements.  (Block 1-3 did this in the start of the next class)

Homework: Read the "French Girls" excerpt. Pages listed on handout.

The French Girls (Friday May 27th)
1. Prayer
2. Study Time
3. Poetic Vocabulary Quiz out of 20.
Averages: 1-3: 57%,  1-5: 60%   (we will be writing again next class)

4. Discussion Prep
5. Discussion
6. Review answers

7. Read together: The Poplar Trees, and discussion of their symbolism and what they reveal about how war has changed Paul and his comrades (1-5 only)

Homework: Read "The Home Leave" excerpts. Page numbers found on handout.

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