Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Class Minutes for Wednesday Feb 23rd

1. Prayer

2. Don't Say Duh
- Today we played a game as a class. The smartboard randomly chose a student and a topic. The student must publicly speak about the topic for 30 seconds. The student is not allowed to say um, like, uh, etc. There were three judges who ranked how well the speaker was out of 10. This allowed us to practice speaking in front of a crowd and techniques to be a successful public speaker.

3. Speaking Techniques
- At this time, Ms. Meakes explained different and successful ways to be a great public speaker. Body language, eye contact, gestures and voice are all key aspects in being an intriguing speaker.

4. Group Slam Practice
- The students were given the text to "The Crickets have arthritis" by Shane Koyczan. In a group of four, each student had to pick a stanza from the poem and perform it to their group using the speaking techniques Ms. Meakes previously taught.

5. Watch Professional
- The students watched the real performance done by Shane Koyczan. After, the class was asked to compare how the students performed it and how Shane Koyczan performed it. How was he powerful in his performance?

6. Writing Time
- Near the end of the class, the students did a free-write on one of the three topics they came up with in the previous class. The idea of this is to never let the pen come off the paper so that the ideas would flow better.

Thanks Mariel!

Don't forget to bring a copy of a favourite poem next class. Please be prepared to explain why you like it. 

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