Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Class Minutes for Monday Feb 21st

1) Prayer
2) TPS - Think Pair share. Answer the question "What is more important, what we say or how we say it?" Discuss with a partner and then with the class. Outcome; it is hard to determine which is more important because both are so connected to eachother and there is no one without the other
3)Taylor Mahi - popular poet on youtube whos poems relate well to teenagers. We watched his youtube video
4) Shane Koyczan - world renound slam poet and very talented at what he does. We watched him perform, usisng a range techniques to enhance his performance including hand gestures and dynamics.
5) Slam poetry - we are told our major assignment for the poetry unit, create and perform your own poem in the style of slam poetry. You may begin to think of ideas as to what you will do
6) What matters to you? <-- ticket out of door. Brainstorm different topics that you are passionate about to prepare for your slam poetry assignment

Hmwrk. Find your favourite poem, or just a poem that you really like and be prepared to explain why you like it.
Thanks Cole

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