Friday, March 4, 2011

Class Minutes for Thursday March 3rd

1. Prayer
2. Predictions
We predicted the meaning of a concrete poem based on its shape/picture.
3. Gallery Walk
We went around the classroom to different concrete poems and tried to interpret them and answer questions about them. Then we compared our interpretations to the actual meanings.
4. Found Poem
We read a children's book, "The World Is For You", and everyone individually wrote down words or phrases that stood out to us. The goal was to create a found poem from the book's text as a class. Since we didn't have enough time, we're continuing it next class.
5. Tom Phillips Assignment
We were told that next class we're doing and assignment that involves us creating poems out of articles, painting over the words we choose to not use in our poems, while creating a beautiful picure. :)
6. Dance Party.

Thanks Maegan

Don't forget your slams are due on March 9th. 

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